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Les Balances Visionair recommend Groupe NJCO security gear

Emergency spill Kit

The spill kit is a must have for truckers to ensure safety and lower insurance costs.

Trafic beacon

Discover the superior quality traffic beacon (28″ high, orange color. 4″ and 6″ reflective stripes)


Discover the LED flashlight adapted to UL Class I, II Div 1, Class III safety standards. Lamp Waterproof, non-conductive, corrosion proof, 3 ″ N ”Alk batteries, life cont 120 hrs.

Dimensions : Length 5.25″ (13.33 cm), diameter m. 0.96″ (2.44 cm), weight 2.1 onc.

First aid kit

Discover the essential first aid kits to have in case of injury.

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Les Balances Visionair suggests other complementary products from Groupe NJCO.

Window washer tablets

Discover the window cleaner tablets that can be diluted in summer.
Perfect for truckers who don’t want to pay a heavy price.
Very economical!
Easy to use and environmentally friendly
Easy to use
Economical solution
Effective and residue-free cleaner
Dark blue color

Biological degreaser

100% natural and non-aggressive
Removes motor oil and grease
Neutral pH and solvents free

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